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Course feedback

"19 staff from schools across West Lothian have completed the REHIS Nutrition Skills course, delivered by Kay Johnson.

The training has been hugely successful, with participants now facilitating ongoing cooking classes and healthy eating workshops for parents and children in their schools and local community centres.

The course meets the recommendations for the Hungry for Success challenge and also fulfils elements of the Healthy Schools Model, as well as developing the four capacities of a Curriculum for Excellence.

Feedback from participants has been very positive and further training is planned for the future." P.W., West Lothian Council

"The course has helped me to make a difference in the community - passing on knowledge and cooking skills to vulnerable families, enabling them to cook on a budget and have a healthier lifestyle. Thanks." M.F.

"The course was a really comprehensive yet practical course which enabled us to learn a lot about nutrition, healthy eating and good nutritional practice. It also set us up to deliver these skills in the community, encouraging young parents to cook more healthy food for themselves and their lifestyles. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in health and nutrition. I really miss our Thursday morning sessions." N.L.

"The course was excellent. I learnt so much about good nutrition from birth onwards. The placement gave me the confidence to deal with groups of people. Kay is a fantastic tutor." A.L.

"The Nutrition Skills course has benefited me by restoring my confidence and self esteem which had been very low after my husband's death and the subsequent stress that I had been under. Although it was hard work it gave me something to focus on again and get my brain working. Kayís support was invaluable" Cathy

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Consultancy feedback

"I had tried several diets over the last 20 years and every time I lost weight I put it back on as I hadnít addressed the reasons why I comfort ate and binged. Over our sessions Kay helped me to identify these issues and deal with them. The results have been life-changing, I no longer need to self medicate with food. I am a new woman both inside and out and canít thank Kay enough" Felicity

"I came to see Kay as a last resort and didnít really hold out much hope of losing weight. Instead of just giving me a diet to follow Kay helped me to change my attitude towards food. The focus wasnít on losing weight but on finding a healthier way of life which suited me and my family. Iím not sure how buts its worked, I care about myself now and feel I deserve to look and feel good." Marion

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