nutrition links


Website-based, user-led service for the Food and Mood Project which provides information on dietary self-help resources.

Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation and Sustain - the alliance for food and farming - have launched a campaign to raise awareness of food and mental health. Information on this and their reports can be downloaded for free.

The Food Standards Agency

Information on diet and healthy eating with practical advice on how to understand food labels and how food can affect your health.

This website provides information as part of the Food Standards Agency's campaign to reduce salt intake.

British Nutrition Foundation

Information on nutritional well being and educational resources.

Food - a fact of life is their educational programme for schools.

British Dietetic Foundation

This website has downloadable food fact sheets.

Take Life On

Partnership between NHS Health Scotland and the Scottish Executive containing information, resources and recipes detailing how to achieve a healthier, well-balanced diet, and develop more active lifestyles.