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Foodwise Training offers both bespoke and REHIS accredited courses.

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Bespoke courses

Our courses, workshops and presentations cover a range of levels from elementary to advanced and can be specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Topics can include:

  • Food and Mood
  • Promoting local food and reducing food miles
  • Providing special diets for people with allergies, diabetes and heart disease etc.
  • Eating healthily with a busy lifestyle
  • Sports nutrition
  • Food labelling
  • Physical activity
  • Weight management
  • Healthy eating on a budget
  • Practical cookery courses

Please contact us to discuss the course content you require, and to obtain a quote.

REHIS accredited courses

Elementary Food Hygiene

This course is recommended for people working in food production and can be delivered over one full day, or two half days.

Intermediate Food Hygiene

This course is delivered over 4 days and is aimed at managers, supervisors and anyone who requires a deeper understanding of food hygiene.

Elementary Food and Health

This course has been developed for people who work in the areas of food or health and can be delivered over one full day, or two half days.

Nutrition Skills

This 'training the trainers' course was developed to train people in delivering cooking classes and healthy eating workshops.

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We also provide:

  • Lectures and presentations on a topic of your choice
  • Advice to caterers on healthy meal options
  • Individual workplace consultations
  • NLP - short courses and workshops
  • Cookery demonstrations

Please contact us to find out about our other services.