consultancy services

Adopting a better relationship with food can help you to feel better both mentally and physically.

Studies show that diets are not effective in helping to maintain weight loss as they do not address the issues that cause weight gain. Foodwise will help you tackle the root causes of weight problems and digestive disorders, thus enabling you to permanently maintain a healthy weight.

Our highly qualified weight management consultant combines NLP, hypnotherapy and EFT (Tapping) with advice on general diet and exercise to provide a personalised consultation.

You will be taught simple techniques which will help you to break the cycle of weight gain. This will enable you to change the way you think, feel and react around food and assist you in sustaining motivation.

Our consultations

  • We aim at fitting in with your usual routine as much as possible. Advice will be given on food buying, cooking techniques, and meal planning - all of which is tailored to suit individual needs.
  • We allow an hour and a half for the initial appointment, during which we assess your present eating habits. We also consider your typical daily routine, level of exercise and any relevant medical history. We then help you in setting realistic health targets to work towards.
  • Follow up appointments last for one hour, with their frequency depending on the needs of the individual, as some clients will require more guidance than others. Normally 6-12 sessions are recommended, but less may be required in some cases.
  • Group sessions can also be arranged at a venue convenient to the participants.

Contact us now for an informal, confidential chat about how we can help you, and to obtain a quote for the consultation which will best suit your needs.