Kay Johnson, MSc

Director, Kay Johnson MSc

Foodwise director Kay Johnson is a Registered Nutritionist with over 17 years experience as a health professional. Having been brought up on a farm, Kay’s interest in food began in early childhood. After several years of working in the food industry as a chef, and subsequently in product development, Kay completed her MSc in Nutrition at Kings College, London in 1992.

Kay has travelled extensively and has worked both nationally and internationally developing and delivering nutrition programmes. She has worked with Aboriginal communities in Australia, and taught nutrition to Burmese refugees in Thailand.

Kay has also worked as a community nutritionist for 11 years, where she specialised in managing programmes for disadvantaged groups and schools. She has implemented a number of highly successful nutrition initiatives, some of which have attracted media attention including the ‘Water in Schools’ project which she pioneered in Lanarkshire.

For the last 4 years Kay has run her own business, delivering courses, workshops and presentations to businesses and government organisations. She is currently lecturing at universities, prisons and PCTs and works as a consultant for organisations on a range of food and health related issues. Kay is also involved in promoting the Local Food Movement and delivers cookery demonstrations and classes to a range of clients.

In addition, Kay provides personalised consultations to individuals and runs weight management courses using a range of behaviour change techniqes including NLP, EFT and hypnotherapy.

In her spare time, Kay enjoys growing organic vegetables and hill walking with her two dogs.